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Expo Commerce


Expo Commerce - inrastructure


Expo commerce company has significant fixed assets in the capital structure. The land on which are our business - storage facilities in Podgorica and Kotor, is in our hands.

In Podgorica, it is a complex of former industry Radoje Dakić, in Kotor it is a new business - storage facility. Mentioned complexes are very valuable properties. Within our complexes are offices for employees and warehouses for goods.

As a company that sells and distributes consumer goods, we have a significant number of vehicles, both passenger and freight. 48 vehicles are provided for the needs of sales agents, also an adequate number of vehicles are provided for the sales managers in accordance with their needs. For the purposes of distribution of goods, our fleet  is equipped with reliable and quality vehicles for this purpose, ranging from trucks carrying 28.5 tons, 6 smaller trucks of the total capacity of 59.5 tons and 17 vans with the total capacity of 42 tons, and 5 smaller delivery vehicles of the total capacity 1.8 tons. Therefore, the daily capacity of our delivery vehicles is 131.8 tons, which is a respectable fact, and that fact separates us from the competition.