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Expo Commerce


Expo Commerce

The Expo company was founded in 1991, it is based in Kotor, Montenegro, and since 1998. it has been operating by name Expo commerce doo. At first, company had been engaged in trade and services at wholesale and retail. Thanks to its creative curiosity and professional knowledge, company had been growing and grew into the company with wide range of business activities.

Today company represents, imports and distributes products of the famous world companies. The main activities of our company are: wholesale,retail and services.

We are organized to provide complete service for our customers, from the factory to the shelf in the store.Our sales network covers all populated places in Montenegro.

Our Vision

Our vision is to stay leading Montenegro distribution company, to be a true ambassador for all of our brands and to increase positions (ours and our principals) at the market of the South East Europe. Since its establishment, Expo Commerce has been governed by its core values which configure the culture and define the character of our company. These values are our guide in employees behavior and for make decisions in our day to day business activities.

Our Mission

Our mission is determinated by effort to offer high quality products under favourable conditions. We are have the team of dedicated experts who are going to use their creativity for the further development and for creating incentive atmosphere for our employees. We make the best place for work, and our employees choose to work in the dynamic and challenging environment, with the opportunities of personal and professional development We are social responsible, with supporting social initiatives for enhancing quality of life in the communities we operate in.

Our Strategy



Key value, which we have learned for 22 years of experience in distribution business, is that, by creating Add Value to our distributed brand portfolio, we create Add Value to our corporate culture.


Integrity - Being estimably honest by matching our behaviours to our words and taking responsibility for our actions.

Best People /Professionalism & Commitment - A successful company can be defined as one that has the right people in the right job at the right time with the right attitude. Attitude they say depicts ones altitude, we have got the best team in our distribution. We have a highly dedicated team and committed professionals who are capable of providing end-to-end solutions to its valued clients. These, people are our only valuable asset.

Value to Principals- Enabling Principals to achieve the peak of their businesses by supporting them in all areas of our services.

Initiative- to achieve leading position and crate new standards on local market.


Our transparent and honest hard work has a main purpose: to creating long-term relationships by being responsibile and relevant and by consistently delivering value. We are the best company in the area of distribution in our business market. By maximizing our work effectiveness, we sustain the long term growth of brands. We make the best place for work, and our employees choose to work in the dynamic and challenging environment, with the opportunities of personal and professional development

Social responsibility

As a company that belongs to group of large (high rated) taxpayers we are aware of our duties and responsibility for social community. Because of that we, very gladly and very often, take a part in different charity and humanitarian actions, help people in need, encourage and support all activities for saving environment.